Carolin Philipp …  studied political science and education in Oldenburg, Potsdam, and Berlin. Her main interests were globalisation, postcolonial theory, development cooperation and racism (magister thesis). She is a founding member of glokal e.V. and works in various practical and research programs on e.g. on political education and societal inequalities.

Since 2009 she mainly lives in Athens, where she researched on social movements in her PhD. She works in research project at the Panteion and Kapodistrian University of Athens a.o. on migration, racism, gentrification and neoliberalism. Apart from that she is writing on and reporting for various media from Greece.


Timo Kiesel finished an MA in Postcolonial Studies at the Goldsmith’s College in London. He lives in Berlin and works as a freelance trainer, consultant and organisation developer in the context of anti-discrimination and anti-racism. He is an active member of glokal e.V.