‚white charity‘ has a creative-common-licence and can be publicly screened at non-profit events. You can either use the available free online-version or — for better quality — we recommend ordering the DVD version.

To order a DVD copy of the documentary, please contact us via the email-address below.
The prices are 10-20 € for individuals and 20-50 € for institutions/organisations plus shipping costs (we ask you to judge yourself how much you can or want to pay).

As the whole project was a non-profit and no-budget production we are happy if you want to support or movie.

If you have suggestion for screening, or if you want to organize screening yourself, don‘t hesitate to contact us (via glokal).

Mediacentres, that rent ‘whitecharity’:

· Bremen: http://suub.uni-bremen.de/

· Hagen: http://www.allerwelthaus.org/

· München: http://www.mediendienste.info, http://www.nordsuedforum.de/

· Stuttgart: http://www.dimoe.de/cms/startseite/ueber-uns/zeb-in-stuttgart/

· Wien: http://baobab.at/ & http://graz.welthaus.at/index.php?page=mediathek&sel=mediathek

· DGB BIldungswerk: http://www.migration-online.de/biblio._aWQ9NDU5MCZhbXA7bmV3X3NlYXJjaF9waWQ9MTc_.html